Upside Down World

This is a student project.

The client for this project is both McDelivery Canada and the agency Cossette who gave us this project. I worked with Suruthi Jeyakumar (art director) and Sasha Watson (account manager). We created an IMC (integrated marketing campaign) for McDelivery.
McDelivery is not top of mind for young Canadians due to increasing competition with tons of choices on delivery apps. Thus the objective of this project is to drive trial and frequency of McDelivery orders with young Canadians, through positive association. 

This campaign takes advantage of McDonald’s iconic branding with the arches being the most recognizable logo in the world and a smile has always been a big part of the brand.


We often hear this phrase nowadays: “the world is upside down” and this campaign flips that phrase upside down showing that even when the world is upside down McDelivery and McDonald’s are delivering smiles

We used clean simple visuals to make the message clear and catch attention immediately, which is very important on social media executions. To create an authentic, meaningful connection with our target audience, who crave and expect authenticity from brands, we created a hashtag for users to share what brings a smile to them right now despite the difficulties they’re facing.

After presenting to our professors my group was chosen as part of the top 6 groups to present to Cossette. We made revisions to our creatives and practiced like crazy, and all our hard work paid off, my group won!

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