About Me

I’m a super nerdy graphic designer who enjoys advertising, movie/video game poster design, and establishing brand identities. I’m creative in any way possible and always excited to learn and try new things. I’m currently based in Toronto, Ontario, a very multicultural city that has taught me a lot. The city is new to me and I’m always getting inspiration from it and the people for my work. I've been inspired to pursue design ever since high school, it's always made me happy and has opened up a whole world of creativity to me. I found advertising to be the best outlet full of amazing ideas and possibilities. My goal is to become an Art Director after working as a designer for a while, but I am happy to see where life leads me as long as I'm having fun on the way.

Now that you’ve fallen in love with who I am go fall in love with my work! Or maybe you looked at my work and now you’re head over heels, if so contact me here.

We can get straight to business, download my resume.

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