Lonely Moon Cafe Branding

This is a student project.

Lonely Moon is a chill cyberpunk cafe, which is a completely new concept that fits the state the world is in right now. The visual theme of Lonely Moon uses darker colours to fit the calm cyberpunk vibe with a touch of light from the moon, and a geometric sans serif font often in italics to give a futuristic feel.
The target audience for this project is people who enjoy working and studying at cafes. These people are around 17-30 years old and are active on social media. Also, those who have an interest in technology, new innovations, and experiences outside the norm.

Logo System


A key challenge with this project is that this cafe is new in a pretty saturated market, so it needs to be bold and innovative to stand out. The theme for this cafe could come across as gimmicky, falling short on the promise to be innovative. Another very large challenge with a cafe that is about the atmosphere is how to handle COVID-19 restrictions.
My design solution offers a very unique cafe experience that people would enjoy discovering and sharing with others.


Lonely Moon doesn’t need customers to come in to experience the cafe, of course the food is good, but Lonely Moon is about the atmosphere of the cafe more than anything. The atmosphere can be transported to customers through VR and video, while they wait for their favourite delivery app to get the food to them.

The VR cafe is a simulated space where customers can actually use VR or just have it running in a flat mode as a video. The space looks like a cafe and has quiet music playing which customers can change or turn off and there’s optional background sounds like cafe sounds, quiet talking, rain, etc. Customers can enter a room alone or a community room where they can have minimal interaction with other customers.



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