BTS is Art Editorial

This is a student project.

This is a replication of Billboard magazine in style only, no pages exist as actual Billboard (or other publications') pages or ads. The feature spread is completely original and aside from the top left section so is the first article on Lauv.
This project is for Billboard, a popular entertainment magazine with a focus on American pop artists, artists with popularity in American markets, and celebrity news.

The target audience for this project is frequent readers of Billboard magazine, fans of BTS (called ARMY), and those with an interest in BTS. These people are mostly around 15-29 years old. Readers of Billboard magazine are used to seeing common figures from the western music industry and celebrities in the magazine. These people can be wary of new faces particularly those that are not from North America. ARMYs are very apprehensive and good at detecting clout chasers and those who simply want to exploit BTS and their popularity. ARMYs have had some issues with Billboard’s tweets about BTS and their tone, so it’s important that the design and article is sincere and truly appealing to fans while not becoming too confusing for general readers.

This feature spread replicates the style of the cover art from their then recent release Map of the Soul: 7. The number seven is important to the group as it’s the number of members they have, it was their seventh year since debut, and their brand colour is purple (with its own special meaning behind it), the seventh colour of the rainbow. They helped curate different art exhibits/installations in collaboration with many artists in cities throughout the world called Connect, BTS, the feature image is one of such installations in New York.

My design solution includes little nuggets that only fans will notice and understand, for example how the design mimics their then newest album’s cover art, the importance of the colour purple and the number 7 to them, and ensuring all members are seen clearly in photos. However, none of these hinder the design and flow of the pages and simply add to the design for non-fans. The article is about an interesting initiative BTS started but it relates to anyone with an interest in art, this will pull in regular readers while things related to BTS stay on their pages to not disturb what they’re used to too much.

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